Enjoy every fiber to the fullest

Clothes become more valuable every time you put them on. Think about it. The most expensive piece of clothing in your closet is the one that stays there. The jeans you wear day in day out really get you your money’s worth. And those favorite jeans are likely the ones that are custom-made by LEBL.

Our aim is to dress you for life

By listening to you instead of adhering to trends. By being able to interpret your needs into a fine piece of clothing. And mostly, by tailoring jeans you never want to take off ever again.


LEBL doesn’t do trends. We do you. We like to think clothing can be an extension of your personality. That’s why to us trends are futile. You can decide better than anyone how you want to express yourself. And let’s be real: nothing fits your personality better than jeans that are actually handmade with you in mind. That’s why we sit down with you until we know who you are, and then go to our drawing board and do what we do best.


Have we mentioned denim is what we love? It is. This is why we are extremely picky when it comes to selecting our denim suppliers and only work with the best. Our fabric is sourced from suppliers in America and Japan that have a long history in manufacturing high-quality denim. Ranging from a big American name in the industry to an experimental Japanese factory: they all bring something special to the table.



Coffee leads the way to a man’s secrets. We sit down and have a chat about your style, your personality, what you do. We also discuss any ideas you might have about your new favorite jeans.


We take your body measurements and go into the subjects of fit, choice of fabric and stitch detailing. LEBL serves as your sounding board and will give advice, but you are the one making decisions.


Then we part ways and LEBL draws up a pattern and design, and carefully construct your sample.


We meet again for a sample fit. This is where you test and try the functional design before it’ll be made out of your selected fabric. We make the necessary alterations to the pattern, rejig pockets, fine-tune all details and adjust things where needed. Next time you see your garment, it’ll be for real.


The day has come to try on the final product. When you slip into it for the first time, the raw fabric might feel weird to you. But trust us: after a week or two you might not want to take it off again and it feels like a natural match. Not love at first wear? We’ll adjust it for as long as it takes to feel perfect to you.


Ready to have your new favorite jeans tailored? Then contact us via e-mail or phone. All jeans are handmade in our studio based in Amsterdam. We like working by appointment, so we can take all the time we need and you can plan it at your convenience – even if it’s after working hours. The process of coming to your perfect jeans includes a visit to our studio to get your body measurements and briefing, and a second visit for fitting. When your jeans are finished, you can pick them up personally, or we have them sent to you by post (sending costs not included).

tel: +31623746284
mail: leon@lebldenim.com
adress: Laboratoriumstraat 1e, 1059 bx, Amsterdam

The price for a bespoke jeans is 450,-.